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i haven’t updated this in yonks – these days i’m mostly over here or here.



making future magic

Posted in art, design, inspiration, technology by alastair cotterill on September 28, 2010

i love love love this ipad stop motion art project from Berg and Dentsu:

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from Dentsu’s Making Future Magic blog the project looks “to make creative work that is contributory and sensible to its culture and environment; to be exploratory and sensitive with regard to materials and media; to wonder what magical visions (as opposed to the familiar dystopias) of the future of media might look like.”

they’ve also taken images from the project and created a book that you can buy here

sweet deal

popbang kuga

Posted in advertising, art, design, social media by alastair cotterill on September 2, 2010
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on saturday 4th september, artist Ian Cook aka popbang colour will be painting a ford kuga using his trademark radio controlled cars. the event will be live-streamed on throughout the day and Ian will also be answering questions via facebook and twitter (hashtag: #kugapop). if you live in london feel free to pop by (pun intended) @ ford wimbledon, 67 plough lane, wimbledon, sw17 obw

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talking on an easel

Posted in art, inspiration by alastair cotterill on August 1, 2010

i love the modern yet finger-paintingy, intimate and honest nature of the ‘brushes’ iphone app. my brushes are rather lame but via the telegraph here are some amazing creations by David Kassan:

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i think this video has been doing the rounds for a while, but if you haven’t seen it yet here’s an amazing time lapse of him at work:

followed by a fantastic slide-show interview of David Hockney, revealing his love of ‘brushes’ on the iphone and some of his drawings – as the interviewer Lawrence Weschler says ‘it’s not an issue of drawing on a telephone, it’s an issue of talking on an easel’:

memories of a misspent youth

Posted in art, inspiration by alastair cotterill on July 23, 2010

via creative review – if you love skating and love fire you’ll love this from publicis mojo/exit films for cokes energy drink, burn:
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Posted in art, design by alastair cotterill on July 18, 2010

via art wednesday a new favourite website: – archiving examples of the dying art of hand crafted signage.

“amidst a landscape of vapid strip malls and sterile signage, hand-painted lettering retains a soulful aesthetic to be treasured. like other crafts dissolving in the digital age, sign painting is a fading occupation. today it’s easy for any layman with minimal computer knowledge to produce a sign within minutes, but the skill acquired to artfully produce hand lettering took years of apprenticeships, dedication and true talent.” – RD Granados

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here’s a couple from london that i’ve submitted to the site:

moleskine art

Posted in art by alastair cotterill on June 22, 2010

i came across Andrea Joseph’s lovely sketch blog and it prompted a return visit to Smashing Magazine’s fantastic moleskine art post from a while back – followed by a bit of a dig for inspiring moleskine artists, here are a few of my favs:

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Christian Borku

Raul Gomez

Alkaline Samurai

Andrea Joseph

Maykel Nunes

tilt-shifted hulkamania

Posted in design, inspiration, technology by alastair cotterill on June 20, 2010

continuing the tilt-shift theme here’s a fun little tilt-shifted film from Keith Loutit of the australian hulkamania tour  – we’re all hulkamaniacs deep down:

via trendd

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art decko

Posted in art, design, inspiration by alastair cotterill on June 3, 2010

i love the places where skating and art/music intersect – like these beautiful hand carved boards from thomas forsyth (via manflet most likely to). nice.

+ (also part of the deck project) are these phil hope black and white boards. smooth.

+ (not part of the project but mighty fine all the same) an oil painted deck i came across a while ago on etsy (via boleas) but that’s unfortunately no longer up there. sweet:

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google tv

Posted in internet, media, mobile, technology by alastair cotterill on May 24, 2010

we’ve been talking at Mindshare for a while about what tv will be like when they’re all hooked up to the internet and how long the yahoo! widget style walled gardens will last.

at sxswi the debate was mainly over whether content will be broadcast or internet based, and even those like Mark Cuban, who argue that the production and marketing cots are too great for internet based a la carte tv, admit that only google could really revolutionise what is an industry with far too much vested in the status quo.

with last week’s announcement of google tv it doesn’t look like the battle is necessarily going to be over distribution (or content creation) but rather in being the home entertainment operating system – with google looking to sit on top of any content you can access through your tv whether from the web, games console, hard-drive or broadcast network.

then i guess if google can replace the epg with search then they can serve keyword ads against the results, to both brands and publishers of content. but with broadcast still very much part of the mix will this mean google just layering more (but contextual) ads on top? i guess we’ll see – either way it’s clear that the battle for your tv is really only just beginning.

i’m also still convinced that ipad is going to become the ultimate 2nd screen device, however with google tv integrating with android then perhaps this paves the way for android tablet devices that will rival ipad?

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